The 4 Best Dishwasher Tablets In India Reviews and Buying Guide

The 4 Best Dishwasher Tablets In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Sep 20, 2020 by Akash Khurana

Tough food stains or greasiness of oil can leave a mark on your beloved dishes. So there is clearly a need for something that can tackle this food grim. And what better than a detergent tablet.

These effective pills have covered three-quarters of the market and this is simply because it is much more efficient than powder or gel.

These are powerful and can easily cut through the grim and is not affected by hard water.

But before you go ahead and purchase lookout for its ingredients.

Most detergent tablets are categorised into two types- chemical and natural.

Chemical-based consists of phosphate and these are more effective than natural based but can also leave behind a minimal residue.

Whereas the natural ones consist of lemon and this is a good option if somebody has allergies or wants a fragrance free product.

You can also refer to our Buying Guide where we have put together a well-researched content that will help you better buying.

And now you can check out our top products that are available online.

Best Dishwasher Tablets In India

Dishwasher Tablets Ingredients No Of Capsules Fragrance Buy Now
Finish Dishwasher Tablets Chemical-based 64 Lime CHECK ON AMAZON
Cascade Dishwashing Detergent Chemical-based 105 Fresh scent CHECK ON AMAZON
Generic Dishwasher Detergent Tablets Chemical-based 85 Fresh scent CHECK ON AMAZON
Ecover Dishwashing Tablets Natural based 25 No fragrance CHECK ON AMAZON

4 Best Dishwasher Tablets In India Reviews

1. Finish Quantum Max Powerball Dishwasher Tablets 

finish tablet

First up is the quantum version of Finish detergent tablets.

All thanks to its Powerball technology it can easily remove stubborn stains in a go.

Reasons to buy:

  • Works great with hard water
  • Effective even in low temperature
  • Quickly dissolves and cleans without leaving any residues
  • They soften any food residue and clean all the stubborn stains

This efficient brand is recommended by leading manufactures like Beko, Bosch, Neff, Samsung and Siemens.

Product specifications:

No. of capsules- 64

Fragrance- a lime scent



  • Remove tough stains like tea and coffee
  • Prevents limescale
  • Works great with delicate glassware too


  • Some consumers report that the scent is strong

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2. Cascade Fresh Scent Dishwashing Detergent 

Cascade tablet

Our second product belongs to the most popular brands of dishwashers. This is a premium edition of dawn and this is enhanced with actionpacs that removes all the tough stains without the need of presoaking.

Reasons to buy:

  • Does not need pre-soaking
  • Removes greasiness
  • Quickly dissolves and cleans without leaving any residues
  • Works with hard water

Product specifications: 

  • No. of capsules- 104
  • Fragrance- fresh scent
  • Chemical-based


  • Dissolves quickly
  • Removes greasiness


  • Can take time to melt

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3. Generic Finish Powerball Dishwasher Detergent Tablets

generic tablet

Generic finish detergent tablets promise to give a powerful with cleaning every wash. This includes rinses aid that helps prevent limescale. This product has been in the market for 60 years and has been performing it best since then.

Reasons to buy:

  • Works even in the low-temperature level
  • Contains pre-soakers that helps cut grease and removes burnt, dried-on food
  • Contains bleach that removes all stains

Product specifications:

  • No. of capsules- 85
  • Fragrance- fresh scent
  • Chemical-based


  • Recommended by leading brands
  • Gets rid of all tough stains


  • Can leave residue

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4. Ecover Automatic Dishwashing Tablets 

ecover tablet

Those you are looking for a fragrance-free tablet, ecover can be an ideal choice. This can leave your utensils sparkling clean without leaving any smell. This is natural based and completely safe in case somebody has any allergies.

Reasons to buy:

  • Can cut through grease
  • Made with plat base and natural ingredients
  • This is certified from B corporation

Product specifications:

  • No. of capsules- 25
  • Fragrance- no scent
  • Natural based


  • Does not contain phosphate
  • Composed of recycled cardboard


  • Can leave a cloudy film on dishes

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Things To Consider While Buying Dishwasher Tablets

This section has some listed factors that will help you in better buying.

1. Ingredients

Detergent tablets can either be plant-based or chemical-based.

Chemical-based ones are known to clean utensils more effectively but can also leave behind some residue. These consist of phosphate.

Natural ones consist of lemon and they are not as effective as chemical-based one but this can be a good option if somebody has allergies or wants a fragrance free product.

2. Residue

Some tablets are known to leave behind residue, this just adds up to extra work. So look for tablets that leave a minimal residue.

3. Packaging

Make sure to get a product that is well packed. Because after opening the pack you don’t want other tablets to come in contact with moisture and become soggy.

4. Price

If you are conscious about your cleaning budget, then you must consider the price before buying.

How to use dishwasher tablet

Well, in case you are using a dishwasher tablet for the first time do not worry. This very simple to use and can be easily handled by anybody

  • Remove the tablet from packaging, in case it is wrapped in plastic cover remove that too
  • Now take the unwrapped tablet and put it in the dishwasher dispenser. It is better to use only one tablet irrespective of how dirty the dishes are. Using too many tablets will not make the utensils cleaner but can flood your dishwasher and kitchen.
  • Make sure all the utensils are dishwasher safe.

Comparison of detergent tablets, powder and gel

We have previously stated that tablet is much more efficient as compared to powder and gel. So without much delay lets look into it in detail.

Tablets – These are small blocks of concentrated dishwashing powder that dissolves quickly when dissolved in a dispenser.

Things to look for:

  • This is the most efficient
  • Includes rinse aid that avoids any spots
  • Packed in pre-measured amounts
  • Does not require pre-soaking or scrubbing
  • Removes tough stains

Things to avoid:

  • Can come at a higher price range

Powder- This can be poured or scooped into the dispenser. This can be useful for small washing needs as the amount can be monitored

Things to look for:

  • Affordable option
  • Removes stains
  • Dosage can be adjusted

Things to avoid:

  • If too much amount is used it can leave residue
  • Not very suitable for delicate utensils
  • Need to be stored properly otherwise it can react with water and can be dangerous for kind and pets

Gel- this can also be poured into the dispenser and it takes less time to dissolve

Things to look for:

  • Easy to control the dosage
  • Less abrasive for delicate utensils
  • Does not take time to dissolve

Things to avoid:

  • Can leave spots or film on dishes
  • More amount is required as compared to a tablet

Tips to make the detergent tablet more effective

Now that you are convinced that a tablet is more effective, let us look at a few tips to make it more effective.

  • Store the tablets in an airtight container. This will ensure no moisture content and will increase the efficiency of the product.
  • Use the right amount. Too much can flood your dispenser and too less will not have an effect on the food stains.
  • Check the hardness of the water. Harder the water more amount of detergent is required.

Tips to boost dishwashers performance

Now that you know all the tips of using detergent tablets let us shift our focus on a dishwasher. A well functioning dishwasher can enhance the effectiveness of detergent.

In case the dishwasher has a manual clean filter, it is important to clean it regularly. Otherwise, food bits can accumulate in the filter and this can interrupt the process of cleaning.

  • Don’t pre-rinse the dishes. The new dishwasher comes with a sensor technology that can detect the amount of dirt in the water. In case you pre-rinse it the sensor detects less food and gives a lighter wash. And this, in turn, would ask for a lesser amount of detergent and won’t clean the dishes very well.
  • Load right. The owner’s manual will recommend a loading method that is best suitable for your dishwasher. You want to load it the right way so that it does not block the water and detergent. Keep the dirtier sides of dishes towards the centre of the machine. And don’t let the dishes stick together. Items with baked food should be placed on the bottom rack, facing towards the spray. Rest glasses upside down on prongs so that they don’t fill with water. Keep glasses upside down on the prongs so that they don’t accumulate water. And use the top rack for delicate items and plastic that are dishwasher-safe.
  • Use a rinse aid- rinsing helps to break the bond between water molecules and dishes. This makes the water slide off and cleans the dishes. Detergent tablets have a rinsing aid and do not require any additional. But in case if you are using any other form of detergent use a separate rinsing aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can dishwasher tablets be used anywhere else?

These tablets are designed to tackle hard water. So this can comfortably be used to clean other things other than dishes.

2. Is rinsing required after using a detergent tablet?

Not really, tablets do not leave much residue. So the extra effort of rinsing can be eliminated.

3. How to use a dishwashing tablet?

This is very easy to use, just pop it in the dispenser and it dissolves quickly during prewash.

4. Is it ok to unwrap a tablet before use?

Detergent tablets have a thin film on them that protect the user’s finger and also the active ingredients present in them. These take very less time to dissolve in hot water. So it suggested not to remove the film before use.

5. Should dishes be pre-rinsed?

Well if you are pre-rinsing do not do it for a very long time. New dishwashers come with sensors that can detect the level of dirt in the water. Pre-washing them will indicate the sensor to wash the dishes lightly.

6. Can detergent tablets work on hard water?

Yes, they effectively work on hard water. Just use more dosage depending on the hardness of the water.


On the bottom line, a detergent tablet is very effective and can easily remove the tough stains. Among all the listed products we have our favourite pick and that is Finish Quantum Max Powerball Dishwasher Detergent Tablets. This dissolves quickly and removes all the stains and this is even effective in low temperature. Because of its high efficiency, this is highly recommended by leading brands.

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