Who doesn’t love a speaker and songs in the summer while chilling out in the garden? Everyone does, and you will enjoy a speaker more if you lose its problem of connection, which means you have to connect to a switch point every time you want to start it. So well, there are Bluetooth speakers available in the market with some premium features installed in them.

Stanmore is a versatile speaker and is perfect for parties and events of small scale as the speaker can connect with Bluetooth 5.0 and have an APTX technology, which can provide you with a wireless connection up to 30 m

The speaker is minimal and lightweight compared to its texture as they look like they are heavy, but they are decently light. I will prefer Marshall over any Bluetooth speaker, due to the minimal design as they will go with any room you will keep them, and everyone will ask about them due to their comfy and very premium finish.


AKG is a well-known brand in Central America due to the premium finish and out-of-the-box drivers installed in their products. AKG is a company that Collabs with smartphone brands, and make their speakers and headgears.

AKG uses a supreme comfort style, which makes the headphones stand out and a bit bulky, but they are adjustable and foldable. AKG is well suitable if you are running and if you want to use them while gymming. It also comes with a feature of Bluetooth, which is Bluetooth 5.0 and can connect to your device.


Smartwatches have made in its market due to the industry’s growth and the connectivity they provide with your mobile phone, which makes your work very easy compared to day-to-day life. Apple is a premium seller for its smartwatches, and they come in many varieties and are rated very highly on the price list. Apple uses a premium range of material with a premium texture to its built, which makes your product very light and minimal.

Apple Watch lets you use your phone through the product as you can control music, video, calls, audio, messages, and everything.

Apple has involved it’s out of the box compass, which can help you while you are on an adventure, and it can get the application installed, so it’s a small phone in the form of a watch.

SONY WH 1000

Sony is a well-known brand in the electronic industry and is trusted by most customers due to its premium built and out-of-the-box craftsmanship. Sony is also famous for its sound products and the music enhancement used by most of the professionals in the market.

Sony 1000 MX is a premium range industrial headphone for by Sony. Sony uses a noise cancellation technology that is a big deal if you are looking for a premium range of headphones that you will use in the studio and your day-to-day life.

Sony uses a touchscreen on its outer end, making it easier to control the settings and customize it on your end and gives you a 30 hours battery life on one charge. Sony supports wireless charging and comes with an AC adapter that can charge your device in just 10 minutes and give you 4 to 5 hours of life.


Rolex is the best watch brand that you can consider buying. It was founded in 1905 in London and had been selling one of the premium range watches since then. Rolex is the world’s 71st most valuable brand by Forbes. Due to their slimly, classic designs and out-of-the-box production. They stand out in watch manufacturing industry and serve worldwide and have at least $4.6 billion in revenue.

The flaunted bezels on the Rolex’s round edge make it stand out and come with an oyster Bazel finish, which helps keep the watch waterproof. It also became an aesthetic element for a Rolex signature point. Rolex uses yellow rose gold, which makes it noble and very shiny.


Fitbit is famous for their fitness bands and smartwatches. Fitbit makes wireless wearables, including activity tracker smartwatches, wireless-enabled wearable technology devices. Fitbit uses wearable technology to measure data such as heart rate, number of steps, or quality of sleep.

You can control your Spotify application as the application has a linking feature to your Fitbit thought its software. Fitbit can also manage apps such as weather, sports, and more. You can also get calls, text, or calendar. Read your messages or even send quick replies to your colleagues thought Fitbit. It also has a Fitbit pay and Fitbit app, which helps you to customize the watch.


Bose SoundSport wireless earphones have a black matte aluminum finish to their end. They have a sleek and enjoyable design and uses a neckband for support. Bose uses a savvy design, which makes it attractive to the youth and sound geeks.

Bose uses a sheer compact design, which makes the earphone barely weight anything. The hook used on the device makes the earphone bulky, but they are the premium part of the earphones as it contains the battery and DAC.

Due to the big hook battery on the product, they can provide up to 7 hours of playback. Bose is famous due to its battery backup and the charging speed. Bose comes with a five-year warranty and haptic feedback by the company on its product users.

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