Headlamps are necessary if you are on an adventure sport or even in your day to day life.


Fenix comes with a decent design with a premium build finish, which can provide you with a long-lasting headband.

Fenix comes with a 90 lumens burst mode, which can light up the whole room and give you a decent viewing angle. Fenix also has a digitally regulated output maintains, which can be customized or can be used to manage your lightning switches.

Fenix comes with reverse polarity protection, which prevents it from battery damage, which is even useful if it breaks or bursts it won’t hurt your gear. Fenix has dual switch control, which means you can control it easily through your hands, and you don’t have to take it out from your head. They come with four brightness levels and can be customized easily.

Fenix comes with SOS signaling mode, which means that even if you lost your batteries, you should press the button, and it will help you get yourself saved by sending signals.

Phoenix has a 60° tilt mechanism that can help you get into dark places and light up the area. It comes with a rubber medium construction, which makes it a little bit on the heavier side, but it is very compact, and it is well-built and won’t break even if it falls. It is IPX6 water-resistant and has a well-built underwater finish, and you can use it while swimming or scuba-diving.

It uses a AA battery and can be easily connected. Phoenix comes with 1 m impact resistance, which means it won’t break even if it falls from a 1 m height. The LED users are a premium range LED and will not clutter or break easily. It can go higher up to 900 lumens, and lowest to 10 lumens and has a beam distance of 178 m, which is quite good even if you are exploring a cave or scuba-diving.


The coast is a brand dealing with adventure sports material and gears, and they are famous for what they do. Coast provides a premium finish to their product and rated on the higher end of this category, but they are well built and trusted by their customers. Coast comes with 615 lumens off power and has a flood to spot focusing beam, which is helpful to light up dark areas.

Coast has premium fabric, which means that it won’t tear apart or break even if it falls. Coast comes with a detachable battery and packs with three cables, which means you can detach the whole set up and carried around comfortably in your bag or just in your pocket. Coast comes with a rear-mounted battery pack, making it easier to handle or customize or even put your AA batteries in it.

Coast has an aluminum vessel finish and is weighted a little heavier than others but is well-built and looks premium while touching. Coast comes with heart head mounting clips, which makes it stable, and it won’t fall away even if you are running or climbing a mountain.

Coast can go up to 46 limbs of light and higher up to 615 levels of light. Coast comes with a lightning output control dial, which helps us to customize the lightning options easily. It comes with three modes low, medium, and high. Coast comes with a tilting belt, which can help you to look in dark and unreachable places. It uses four AA batteries to work, and it has a charging option as well.


Coleman is famous for its adventure sports products and is a brand based in Central America. The brand offers premium finish, lightweight designs, and affordability.

Coleman is a premium brand making its product with a premium range of material and fabrics. Coleman LED lamp comes with 100 lm of energy life, which means it can light up a dark room quickly, but it does not compare with others on this list. Coleman has the light facility’s scope, which can light up to 50 m range, which is good enough if you are into scuba-diving. It also offers a seven-hour battery life.

It can be charged or used with batteries. It comes with a waterproof finish with an IPX4 rating, which can work just fine but not as good as others on it. It offers a lightweight design with battery guard technology, which means that even if it falls or uses it in the water, the batteries used inside won’t get affected or damaged due to its premium finish and battery guard technology. It is lightweight and waits for around 75.3 g without batteries.


JM is a brand dealing with headgears and adventure sports accessories and is not that famous as compare to others on this list. GM milk to this list due to their affordability and material they have used on this day our product. JM comes with nine bright LEDs around it, which have around 10,000 hours of a lifetime.

It comes with an adjustable strap, which can be adjusted according to you, and it has three operation modes that can be set up by you only. It does come with a push-button, which helps to detach it from the strap. It has a decent rating, and it has a water-resistance design due to the well-built body and slickness. It is lightweight as compared to others on the same list.

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