In the era of modernism, everyone needs more storage in the devices, well there is no issue the best computer accessory product hard drive is there to save you from this burden. Hard drives are wireless storage units for your product, which means you can use it when you want, and you can detach it as well. They come in various variants depending upon the storage you choose.

Seagate Backup Plus Portable

Seagate is a brand dealing with computer storage units for a while now and is pretty famous for their designs and compact feel to the product, which means you can store more units in a small product. Seagate is an American brand And deals with the customers through online web portals and offline stores.

Seagate backup plus is a Seagate series of hard drives, which comes in various variants depending upon the storage. These are most bought hard drives in the Indian market and comes in handy design. They can store up to 10 TB of data, and these are on the go, which means you can connect it through a wire to your Mac or Windows laptop.

Seagate has offered a USB3.0 connection, which means you can deliver and transfer files fastly. The hard drive is the IPX4 rating, which means it is splashproof, but I would not recommend it using near water. Seagate is offering a subscription adobe creative cloud photography plan with the hard drive.


Western Digital is a brand dealing with computer accessories for a while now and its American brand that can be purchased in India through their online portals and offline shops.

Western Digital is famous for the compact design and the price category they come in.

They provide forward protection to the hard drives, which makes them lightweight and provides USB3.0 port and USB 2.0 port. The hard drives automatically connect to the WD server, which means you won’t lose your items if you lose your hard drive, and it also comes with a WD reliability test, which means they are strong enough and they will not break even if they fall from a decent height space.


Toshiba was founded in 1939 by a collaboration of two friends. It was a tremendous electronic invention that Japan has ever done, and it still is the biggest company that Japan has ever produced. Toshiba is a big brand in Japan. We all know Japan is way ahead of the world in the form of technology well it won’t be if there wasn’t Toshiba. Toshiba is the biggest stock exchange company Japan has and features in many industries, such as modern furniture and bathroom accessories.

Toshiba also provides us with their smartphones and tablets, which are famous in Japan. Toshiba slim is a compact hard drive and is priced at a very minimal price, and you can get it through their offline and online market stores. Toshiba uses a microfibre technology on the front, which makes the hard drive look good, and it also comes with a matte finish, which makes them handy and attractive.

The hard drive comes with wireless support, which means you can connect it with the phone and check the data it has on it, but you cannot transfer it.


ADATA a brand from Taiwan and is famous for its computer accessories. ADATA is on the lower end of the budget, making them affordable to most of the public out there. They use a trendy finish on their hard drives, which makes them unique as they are very fashionable with different colors and textures, and they usually attract teenagers.

ADATA pro comes with different series from 1one TB to 10 TB depending on the price you want to spend. ADATA is famous for its rugged and shockproof drives. They have military-grade hard drives, which cost a little bit high compared to others, but they are waterproof, which means you can take it in the swimming pool, and it won’t get damaged.

ADATA uses a three-layer shock technology, which also compiles as a three-layer waterproof technology that makes them IPX6 rating waterproof products.

A data uses an attached wire that means you have the cable attached to the drive permanently, and you cannot separate it. ADATA also comes with an LED panel which makes it easier for us to see what the drive is trying to tell us.

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