5 Best Commercial Weighing Machine in India 2020 Reviews

Weighing machine is the most important part of any grocery stores or any shops where you need to weigh products. It is the backbone of any business. If you don’t have a proper perfectly working weighing scale then there may be heavy losses.

You will find different weighing machines available in the market today like body weighing scale, kitchen weighing scale, baby weighing scale, jewellery weighing scale, commercial weighing scale.

Commercial weighing scales are designed with the heavy duty that provides weight reading and used for commercial purposes. Below are few tips to consider before you buy commercial weighing scale.

Accuracy: To measure the highest loads with these machines you will find it easy as they provide accurate readings.

Maximum Capacity: This is the maximum load the machine can measure. Normally 5 Kg to 200 kg is the maximum capacity the machines can hold up to.

You will find more tips like repeatability, digital readability support etc in our “Buying Guide”

From the customer reviews and based on our research we have picked up 5 best commercial weighing machines in India.

Commercial Weighing Machines Capacity Warranty Buy Now
Baijnath Premnath Caliber Platform scale 200 KG 1 year CHECK ON AMAZON
EQUAL Digital Weighing Scale 120 KG 1 year CHECK ON AMAZON
iScale Digital Commercial Weighing Machine  50 KG N/A CHECK ON AMAZON
Prestige “TableTop” Weighing Machine 30 KG 10 days returnable CHECK ON AMAZON
Activa Digital Weighing Scale 35 KG N/A CHECK ON AMAZON

Best Weighing Machine for Commercial Use: 2020 Reviews

1. Baijnath Premnath Caliber Platform scale

Baijinath premnath caliber weighing machine

This weighing scale by Baijnath Premnath is suitable for industrial or commercial purpose. It is heavy duty platform scale used to check weighing functions and quality control devices.

This machine comes with the automatic features to save battery power like auto off. You can also adjust the height according to your need, for easy cleaning it has removable platter.

This product is designed with powder coated rust free mild steel frame that helps you to weigh food products, grains etc. You get the piece counting function which helps you in getting precise readings of items.

It is perfectly suitable for restaurants, warehouses, kitchens, retail and industrial weighing. You can weigh 200 kgs weight and is extendable up to 300kgs. As per your usage you can also change the units from kg to litres.

Warranty: It has 1 year warranty

Things we liked:

  • It has 60hrs of battery backup
  • You can switch the units easily from Kg to liters

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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2. EQUAL Digital Weighing Scale

EQUAL Digital Weighing Scale

This product is designed with the stainless steel wide platform that is easy to operate; it comes with the high definition front and back LED display, which will offer easy readability to customers.

The maximum capacity of this weighing machine is 120kg through the precision of 20gm. This machine is also featured with low battery alarm indications.

Warranty: This product has 1 year warranty

Things we liked:

  • It comes with the longer battery backup of 50 hrs
  • There is overload protection
  • Featured with piece counting function
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Good build quality

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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3. iScale Digital Commercial Store Platform Weighing Machine 

iscale weighing machine

This product is designed with the stainless steel material, its maximum capacity is 50 kg, and this machine is suitable for both commercial and household purposes. To check the weight in warehouses, shipping services and assembly lines it designed with accuracy and precision.

It has strong metal body that is rust proof; its side grill is capable of continuous weighing and it can withstand continuous loads which makes it most favourable in all working conditions.

It has power backup of two days and comes with 220V power plug, it is portable you can use it anywhere, even in places where there is no power supply. In standby mode the machine can be up to six months after it is fully charged.

This machine is designed to adjust in different industries, from factories to retailer shops. This product is featured with energy saving option, when the machine is not in use the machine get switched to power saving mode which helps in saving the energy. It can be used for two days once fully charged. It is used in hypermarkets, logistic companies, warehouses and retail stores.

Warranty: It has no warranty

Things we liked:

  • This product can be used anywhere for high accuracy weighing
  • To save power it will automatically switch to power saving mode
  • Double display help the customers for easy readability

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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4. Prestige “TableTop” Weighing Machine

Prrestige Weighing Machine

Prestige “Table Top” weighing scale is the heavy duty weighing scale which is apt for commercial purpose, is used to weigh grains, food products, suitable for retail weighing, parcel weighing, industries, warehouses, kitchens and all kind of industries etc.

Its maximum capacity is 30 kg and 2 gm precision, it comes with LED indicators on both size to make customers easy readability. You can switch the units from Kg to litres.

Warranty: You get 10 days returnable warranty

Things we liked:

  • For easy cleaning it comes with removable platter

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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5. Activa Digital Weighing Table Top Retail Scale

Activa Digital Weighing Table Top Retail Scale

This heavy duty scale which is suitable for commercial use is the best quality scale for checking weight. It is designed with the rust proof mild steel frame with powder coating.

It comes with the four adjustable anti vibration rubber feet for it to stand stable without moving. It is useful for kitchens, tanneries, retail weighing, salt industries etc. you can weigh up to maximum 35kgs.

Warranty: No warranty

Things we liked:

  • It is features with two side LED display for easy viewing.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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Commercial Weighing Machines Buying Guide:

Why choose Commercial Weighing Machines?

In the commercial purpose these weighing machines are highly required as they are useful to measure any material easily.

The latest models come with various features such as pieces count, tare weight options and weighting conversions in different units etc. These models are easy to use than the older version weighing machines

Types of Commercial Weighing Machines:

Commercial weighing machines are classified into two types

1. Portion Control Scales:

Portion control scales are the scales which are used in restaurant kitchen, which helps you to measure the portions of food that is served to customers.

You will find a digital or traditional scale, as digital scales show correct readings this scales are mostly used. If you would like to measure the correct quantities this scale is the best option.

2. Receiving Scales:

These are the scales which are also used in restaurants when you get an order. For eg, to bake pastries you will need certain amount of flour each day, then this products can be used.

To know the exact measurement of the received product this scale can be used. This scale can hold up heavy products.

Different Uses of Commercial Weighing Machines:

Weighing machines are used mostly in grocery stores, retail stores and any retail stores to measure different items.

Fruits and vegetables are used to weigh in grocery stores; retail stores use weighing machines to weigh oils, food grains etc, and commercial industries use these to weigh electronic items, chemicals and other metals with accurate measurements.

Features of Commercial Weighing Machines:

Below are few features of weighing machines which are to be checked before you buy the machine.

1. Digital Readability Support:

Digital readability support means the measurements of the things you are measuring will be easily understandable to the seller and buyer. Modern weighing machines have this option it comes with LCD display where you can read the measurements.

2. Accuracy:

As these machines offer perfect and exact measurements, it has become easy for commercial purposes to measure the highest load.

3. Repeatability:

This feature is the best in these commercial weighing machines as they show constant result each time you weigh the same thing.

4. Maximum Capacity:

Maximum capacity is referred as the highest load the machine can hold up. 5 kg to 200 kg is the maximum capacity most of the machines are designed with, the machines which are used in heavy weight industries which are used to measure equipments can weigh more than 200 kg.

5. Platform:

You need to check for the platform size, platform size is the surface where you place the material to measure the item. To measure smaller quantities you can use the machine with smaller platform. To measure larger quantities you need a larger size platform.

Other Consideration with Commercial Weighing Machines:

Before you buy the commercial weighing scale there are few considerations you need to keep in your mind, below points may help you out in buying a perfect product that suits you.

  • Few scales come with internal calibrations, while few have external calibrations, check if it has calibration needs?
  • Check if the scale has active weighing features? This helps you in weighing the items that move while weighing.
  • Check if the scale has USB facility? During inventory this features is helpful.
  • Look for if the scale works on batteries or you need to plug it? You get weighing scales that are connected to outlet where you don’t need to change batteries every time. If there is no power access then battery powered scales are good option.

Commercial Weighing Machines Maintenance Tips:

The more the usage, the more the scale get damaged, to avoid this here are few maintenance tips you need check.

  • Keep the unit Free of Dirt:

It is common that dirt forms easy when you use the weighing scale to weigh different products, it may be more difficult to clean if you leave it without cleaning for long time.

If the scale is accumulated by dirt it not only affects health but also it also affects the reading of the scale.

  • Keep it Grounded:

If the weighing scale usage is more there are more chances of getting it damaged and not providing you correct readings. Ensure that the surface you place the scale is flat so that it don’t slip while you are weighing the product.

  • Regular Inspections:

Regular inspection is must; check it once in a week for any abnormality. You can repair it early if you find any rust or any wear and tear you can make it fix it as soon as possible. If you leave it without fixing it may affect reading and the product too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a calibration error?

The difference of items true mass and the instruments reads on display is the calibration error.

2. What is a tare weight?

The weight of all packaging, wrapping or any material that is used to contain or transport the product is the tare weight.

3. Do i need a commercial scale which is approved and legal- for-trade in order to start a business?

You need to have a approved legal trade device, if your business buy or sell commodity or service by weight.


For any type of business these weighing machines are essential, these machines help you to stick to rules and provide customers what they paid for. There are many varieties you find in the market hope the products we listed out may help you.

To make you decision more simple and easy we suggest you to go with  The Baijnath Premnath Caliber Platform scale as it comes with 60 hrs battery backup and save your power as it comes with auto off feature.

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