Wednesday, August 29, 2007


After months of speculation and waiting with baited breath, the new iLife and iWork have been released. Apple decide to skip the '07 version and has released '08 versions of both. Many changes have been made.

iLife '08 has seen some major updates to iPhoto. My favorite change is the "events". You know when you used to import photos and it would give you the opportunity to name the roll, but after you named it you rarely ever saw the name again? Well now events and rolls have been made into one and the same thing. WHen you import into iphoto '08 you name the "event" and your photos will remain organized as such. You have the opportunity to view your photos organized as events or in the old fashioned way with all of the photos laid out.
There have also been major changes to imovie. THe program looks totally different. Apple made the changes to make it more friendly for the every day user. I have yet to see if this is true.
iDVD, iWeb also have a few changes. Check out the full review of the changes here.

iWork '08 also has some great new changes. The biggest is a whole new program; Numbers. Yes, Apple has finally released a spreadsheet application for their iWork suite. Pages also has a new more professional look. Keynote has benefited from some new templates and changes as well. For a full overview check here.

For the most part I have heard only good things about the changes. I too am happy with most of them though some learning will have to be done.

Apple also released their new line of iMacs. They have new brushed metal and glass finishes and all of the specs have been upgraded. We will be getting a demo model here at the as soon as possible but they are slow to ship just yet.


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