Saturday, January 06, 2007

3, 2, 1 Switch

Apple has long been known for their "switch" campaigns encouraging PC users to switch to Mac. I too am known to try to switch any PC users I know over to the user-friendly Apple Computer. Over the past year there has been a huge increase in the amount of first-time mac users. I'd like to think I've had a hand in the increasing numbers, but it's more likely that most of the credit goes to Apple's campaign, their well designed computers, and the amount of people getting fed up with Windows.

Mac OSX is designed to be very user friendly and the differences in operating systems are often easy to learn, but this does not change the fact that the differences exist. Recently I've come across some excellent articles on helping PC users switch to Mac.

The first is on the Apple Website where they give a wide range of info on how to switch over to Apple Computers. They have articles on why you should switch to Mac in the first place, as well as articles on things like transferring data from old computer to new.

Life Hacker has recently written an excellent article on the basic differences between the Mac and PC operating systems that can help to make the transition from Mac to PC. The article gets into some basic info on keyboard shortcuts, installing applications, and more. Another article called"10 Things Every New Mac Owner Should Know" is linked off the Life Hacker article. It gives basic instructions on things like the ever important software updates and where windows go when you minimize them.

Articles like these can help in the transition over to Mac. In the coming months we here at the Little Mac Shoppe will also be offering training sessions for both new and old Mac users. Just give us a call @ 894-3310 or send us an email to sign up!



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