Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Apple made some big announcements today at their "Showtime" showcase. Among them are the brand new colored Nanos. They are completely revamped and come in pink, blue, black, silver, and green. They also now come in 2Gb, 4Gb and 8 Gb sizes with a 24hr battery life! Prices have changed as well.

The Video iPod now will come in 80Gb and 30Gb sizes. The colors are still black and white, though prices have changed as well as some of the technical specs.

There is also a new generation of iPod Shuffle out. It's much smaller and comes standard with 1Gb of storage. Though the Shuffle no longer has a direct USB connector to plug into your computer it now comes with a mini USB dock.

iTunes 7 is now available for download. It has some great new visual effects using cover art. Movies have been added to the iTunes Music store as well.

This is only a fraction of the announcements Steve Jobs made today. Browse around at apple.ca for more info or drop in and visit us at 160 Richmond st.

Please Note: Some of the new announcements have yet to be published on apple.ca (the Canadian site) but can be found at apple.com. Just remember if you are on apple.com that the prices are in US$ not Canadian$.