Sunday, June 25, 2006

Publish your iCal to the web without .Mac, Pt 2

In a previous post, Jason told us about I have never used so I'm not about to say anything good or bad about it. But I'm a Google Girl. Technically they may call me Generation-X, but i like to call myself generation "Google". I'm of the generation that if you don't know it you Google it. And Google and been making every effort to keep me in their generation. There is Google mail "gmail", Google talk "gtalk", and countless other ideas that they have come up with in the past few years to cover all of my internet needs. One of their newest ideas that they have come up with is the Google Calendar. It works seemlessley with the other Google applications. If you have a gmail account then you automatically can use Google Calendar and Google Talk. They make a wonderful package to keep you organized and in touch with your circle.

So why Google Calendar? For starters it has a nice layout. You can pick the color of your preference and whether you want to view it as day, week, month or whichever. As i mentioned above it integrates with your gmail and gtalk. It can recognize events in your gmail and will incorporate then into your calendar. It also will integrate with gmail for invitations and rsvp's. There are event reminders too.

There are sharing preferences with Google Calendar so you can share with the public or just those you chose. You can have more then one calendar. One for work, play, friends, family... etc. Outside for sharing Google Calendar with other Google Calendar users you can subscribe to your Google Calendar with ical and you Google Calendar will update into you ical. To subscribe to you Google Calendar in iCal log in to your calendar and go to settings. From their select the tab that says calendars. There you will find a list of the calendars that you subscribe to as well as your own. Click on your calendar name. It will bring up a window that shows both your calendar address and your private address. Click on the green iCal button in either of those sections. I used the private address ical button because i had not made my calendar public. A small window will come up with a URL on it. This is where there are some bugs in Safari and you may want to use Firefox. The easiest way is to highlight the url and copy and paste it into the blank in iCal's subscribe section. You will find this blank if you open iCal and go to calendar---->subscribe. You can also import your iCal into Google Calendar. If you are sharing your Google Calendar then you those who have access to your calendar then they can leave comments on your calendar as well.

There is also "Quick Add" which is one of my personal favorites. It's an easy quick way to add events. Use the Quick Add link, and start typing. Google Calendar understands whole phrases like "Lunch with Mom at Beans 11am on Saturday," and will pop new events right into your agenda.

Though originally Google Calendar did not work with Apple's Safari, it does now. There are a few bugs, but nothing major. And if in doubt, use Firefox for Mac. It does work flawlessly.

See here for a Features Overview.

~The Little Redhead


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"You can also import your iCal into Google Calendar."

How can I do this Little Redhead?

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