Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Toys

With the new line of Macbooks comes some exciting and interesting new toys for them. These toys all use the motion sensor that is part of the new Macbooks.

First, and one of the more useful, is iAlertU. This program turns your MacBook into a motion sensitive remote controlled alarm system. The alarm can be set to turn on when the trackpad, keyboard, or even power adapter are touched. It will also go off if the computer is moved. It can be set to take a picture of the person that is tampering with your computer even if it is only the cat. Right now the program is available only in beta and times out after about 10 minutes. When the final release comes out it will be available for $9.95 (US). To download the beta version go to this site.

If you are used to working with multiple desktops then this may be for you. If you are not then this video is still super cool. If you are interested in installing this then the info can be found here.

MacSaber turns your Macbook into a light saber... well sortof. I wouldn't recommend using it on people. But it's still fun to run around the house pretending you have a light saber. This guy did it. Sadly I can see a lot of Macbooks being hurt with this and i don't think the Apple warranty covers it.

~The Little Redhead


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