Friday, June 16, 2006

Down on the Farm

Inside the new Macbook a cow was born, or that's what it sounds like. If you search the internet for moo+macbook you will find that there are many accounts of a strange "mooing" noise coming from the Macbooks. It's actually the fan turning on and off in short intervals. This is mildly annoying.... but also rather amusing. Amusing you say? She must be crazy! But this "annoying" sounds has been made into a parody at You can check out the recording here.

I will admit that after a while the amusing notion of having a cow in your Macbook gets overly annoying and irritable. To fix this problem it's been recommended that you do the following:

1/ Shut down the MacBook.
2/ Unplug the adapter and take out the battery.
3/ Hold the power button down (keeping the battery out and the computer unplugged) for 5 seconds.
4/ put battery back in and start up your Macbook

This should kill the Moo.

If your lifelong dream has been to have a cow then may i recommend that you take your moobook out to an open field and bond with the cows.

Update (06/30/06):

I have tried this and it did not work for me. The Mooing fans have to do with the heat of the computer reaching a certain temperature so that they are not hot enough for the fans to come on all of the time, but not cool enough to be comfortable without the fans.

~The Little Redhead